-the man who salvaged a Dutch sunken ship-

This is a true story which happened in the Nagasaki port entrance near Kouyagi during the Edo period.

In those days, Japan didn't have any contact with foreign countries.

The reason was that "Tokugawa Bakufu" (the Japanese government in those days) was afraid of Christianity being spread throughout Japan.

But, Nagasaki port was designated as the only port where trade was permitted with Holland and China.

At that time, Dutch ships would enter Dejima in Nagasaki during the summer, and return to their own country in autumn. The Dutch always bought naphthalene, copper and so on in Japan, and accepted presents from Japanese "shogun" (the general) upon departure from Japan.

At that time, Kouyagi was composed of two islands, Kouyagi island and Kagenoo island. On these islands pine trees and trees of Akou (an evergreen) grew abundantly, and the islands had long white sandy beaches. People caught fish and shellfish, or cultivated their fields, and were living happily and leisurely.

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