-the man who salvaged a Dutch sunken ship-

On October 17, the Kansei era 10 (1798), Captain Steward of the Dutch ship Eliza recalled his experience with the Dutch who lived in Dejima. They would pray for the safety of Eliza's sailors' long voyage and would talk happily when they came to Kouzaki to see the ship off. He weighed the anchor※1 for the next day's departure, and was waiting for the wind to blow while quietly thinking to himself,
"I hope we can safely arrive at Batavia (presently Jakarta) this time again."

However, the strong west wind began to blow in the evening, the waves lifted the ship high, and it was raining harder and harder.

While sailors were looking on in blank amazement, it turned into a rain storm in the middle of the night.

The ship was swept away, and was run ashore in Tojin-rapid near Takaboko island.
※Note 1: As Captain Steward forgot to sink the anchor at that time, the Eliza could easily be swept out to sea during the storm.

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