-the man who salvaged a Dutch sunken ship-

In these high waves, wind and rain, Captain Steward thought the present circumstances were very serious. He told a sailor, called "Uunosu2",
"The important cargo and sailors lives are in danger. Please go to Dejima and call for help."

Although "Uunosu" thought that he might die under the current circumstances, he was subject to Captain Steward's orders. So he launched the boat and desperately began to row toward Dejima.

He finally arrived at Dejima and delivered Captain Steward's injunction to everyone.

As the wind shifted at about the same time, the Eliza almost capsized, having run aground in Tojin-rapid. So, Captain Steward was forced to cut down three masts.

Then all the sailors scooped out seawater that was flowing into the ship like a waterfall.

Despite their efforts, it started sinking into the sea.
Note 2: We didn't know the true spelling of "Uunosu". So, we write it in Roman letters.

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